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Celebrating #Women History Month with Parkhurst Dining Eat'n Park Hospitality Group.

Sarah Holby, of Ajiri Tea, started her business with a goal of creating employment for women in Kenya. She says, “It’s hard to leave my kids and go to Kenya by myself for 10 days, but I make the time to make sure my company is doing what I need it to do so that I can do for others.”

The owner of Vintage Baked Modern, Apryl Mead Niksch Aencourages others to take the leap and try their idea. “Someone has got to believe in them and give them a chance!,” she says.

Michiko Thwe of Sushi Awarsei, supports Burmese immigrants. She says, “You have to learn to say no. Sometimes, it’s

a waste of energy to be doing multiple things for everyone who asks when you could be doing one thing wholeheartedly that helps the greater good.”

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